About Us

Out Of the Box Promotions

We are a local Melbourne company that produces Point of Sale materials for promotion of retailed products. Imagine trying to deal directly with an overseas supplier for point of display materials.

Do they understand your thinking, your requirements and needs?

We’ve spent 20 years importing/exporting to Asia and dealing with the minute details and frustrations that occurs so often.

Your time and efficiency as a manufacturer is not well spent trying to form new business relationships, learning a new language and making mistakes.

Do you know how commonly misprinted, misspelt, wrong colours and sizes, misinterpretation of common terms and phrases occurs? We can simplify the process for you and remove the headaches.

Point of Sale Corrugated Cardboard Display Stands add colour and life to your point of sale area, office or show room.

  • We’re local and understand your way of thinking with an Import/Export background  of over 20 years.
  • We have Chinese/Australian connections in the company and are a Melbourne advertising specialist with merchandising materials and printing experience.
  • We know our niche market which is corrugated cardboard displays.
  • Don’t ask your local printer for this specialised information! You’ll waste a lot of time in trying to find what you need.