Out Of The Box Promotions produce Point of Sale materials for promotion of retailed products

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Our Products

Our products are made of corrugated cardboard with a computer generated image offset printed in full colour and/or spot colour.

Custom made in any size with variable width, depth and height to your specifications. This freedom of choice is not freely available with many other printers.

Any manufacturer of food, pharmaceuticals, engineering, health and numerous that retails products requires displays that ‘stands out from the rest’, have superior quality and vibrancy of colour. Displays can include shelves, slots…in fact almost any shape or combination you can think of.

If it can be designed and tooled, we handle it.
Our prices include all tooling and are quoted FIS.

Our team delivers personalised service and you are dealing with the business owner. Decisions are made quickly and efficiently without the slow grinding delays of large companies. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how the barriers and problems with other large companies disappear with us!

Cardboard Display Stands

Promote your business with our custom cardboard display stands

Seasonal promotions, new product launches, and special lines – we can create the custom cardboard display stands that help your product to stand out from the crowd. You can have a display stand that is geared towards product promotion, information, or both. Many companies choose to create a display stand for their new products that will include brochures. Others may choose cardboard display stands with free product samples or testers.

Our counter top displays are often placed near the checkout, and suit those last minute impulse purchases, while our free standing or gondola end floor displays are designed to catch the eye of browsing customers.

Whether you require a limited run of cardboard stands for a special promotion, or you want to build a lasting partnership for all future sales and promotions, the team from Out of the Box Promotions are here to help promote your business.

Customise your corrugated display stand to suit your needs

We understand that you want a display stand that looks different than the rest. After all, the point is to stand out, and to promote your business and your products. That’s why we tailor make each corrugated display stand according to your needs.

You can ask us about the various options for:

We can create stands and displays that work as part of a holistic marketing campaign. For example, you can have a standee that is designed for placement alongside your floor display, counter top display, or dump bin display.

The flexibility to promote your business with different styles of display can help you to stand out in a crowded market.