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Promote any product with the flexibility of cardboard dump bins

Providing branded dump bins to a store can be a great way to help your brand stay front and centre for customers. Our corrugated cardboard dump bins are lightweight, and their open structure gives you the flexibility to display more diverse products and promotional materials within your display unit.

While other types of display stand, such as our counter top and floor display stands may be better suited to a particular product or a specific promotion, dump bins create an easy, everyday solution. They’re easy to refill in an instant for products that you predict may fly out the door, and this no-hassle refill system makes them popular with the employees who will be responsible for stand refills.

By providing an easy and versatile display stand for stores, you are ensuring your branded cardboard dump bins will always find a home, whether out the front of a store, at gondola ends, or placed by the counter.

When you work with Out of the Box Promotions, you can customise your cardboard dump bins in any way you would like. With crisp printing, vivid colours, and customisable dimensions, you can expect to have a one-of-a-kind promotional stand that perfectly reflects your business and showcases your products.

Working with our team is easy. We take the hassle out of creating great display materials because we have a collaborative approach to problem solving honed over many years in the industry. Having worked in printing for over fifteen years, there are very few situations that can surprise us. If you want a display stand customised in a particular way, then we would be more than happy to help you out.

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